My Approach


I am an empathetic listener, here to guide you through life's inevitable ups and downs. My aim is always to be totally honest and I will always listen without judging.


I combine a variety of theoretical approaches to help you move in a very practical way towards a positive and life-affirming outcome, but my work is predominantly person-centred.


Over the years I have worked with many people who find themselves in situations they don't want to be in. Given time, a sympathetic ear and carefully developed strategies, they have made the changes in their lives that have enabled them to live happily and independently.


I am constantly continuing my professional development in a number of areas - these include bereavement, children's wellbeing, suicide, OCD, anxiety, depression, postnatal depression, domestic abuse, addiction, LGBT issues and cultural and racial differences.

I can work with you in person, or talk to you on the phone or via, a secure telemedicine video link solution

I am confident that with my help, it will be possible for you to overcome your difficulties and move forward with your life.